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Being a part of the St. Peters family means that we treat you like family. St. Peters Manor isn’t just a facility; it’s the home of our residents.

We are committed to providing total care and comfort for patients and their families. You’ll discover our skilled nursing staff to be kind and patient while specializing in long term care, senior care, and rehabilitation. Many of them have been with St. Peters Manor for a number of years and have developed a sound understanding of how to meet our residents’ needs, and a warm relationship with our residents and their families.

Each and every resident at our facility receives a personalized care plan developed by a team of dedicated health care professionals with a history of proven clinical experience. We focus on the whole resident, utilizing a team of skilled medical & rehabilitation professionals who work together with the resident and their family to provide an environment that makes them feel safe, comfortable and well cared for.

es the personalized care residents will receive on a daily basis. With unmatched expertise and length of service, our staff is dedicated to delivering the finest skilled care. From our freshly prepared, restaurant-style meals, to our broad range of activities, everything we do is designed to enhance the quality of life of each and every resident. Call us today to schedule a tour and see firsthand why our residents are proud to call Jefferson City Manor home.

The Care You Deserve

Great Staff at St. Peters Manor

“I appreciate all your Director of Nursing Tony Taylor has done in helping us care for my mom. My mom has been at the St. Peters facility at just about a year and a half. We’ve worked with three DON’s so far and Tony has been by far the best to work with. He has gone above and beyond the call of duty, befriending my mom and working with her to help change her perspective, troubleshoot and come up with solutions that we haven’t been able to. Covid and quarantining have been especially difficult on her and she reached the point where she was refusing meds and food. Tony was able to talk to her and get her to eat and take meds again. I can’t tell you how much we have appreciated working with him and having him as an advocate for her! As a general rule, we have found the staff to be especially helpful and caring with mom. Her favorite nurse is Steve Hogan. He has a sense of humor that really just clicks with mom and he keep her on track. Beau, as activities director, has worked tirelessly to find things that will encourage mom to get out and to brighten her day. Paula Wooldridge has been especially great in working with mom and getting her to understand what is going on, calming her down, and brightening her day. The staff at the St. Peters facility has really been great to work with.“ ~ Christina


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