With the Tuition Program, we'll pay for your tuition, PLUS you can earn an income while completing your college degree. We want to see you grow and learn to be the best in your field. Jefferson City Manor supports class time and provides clinicals within our buildings. In addition to keeping our residents happy and providing top notch nursing care - we also care for our employees.

Traditional 4 Year Plan

Traditional four-year degree programs don’t offer paid experience and could add up to mountains of debt. With the average yearly tuition of $17,500, you could accumulate $70,000 in debt, have no real work experience, and still find yourself job hunting upon graduation. 

Our 4 Year Plan

Let us help pay for your degree programs! Start your career as a Certified Nurse Aid while attending a one-year nursing program. Upon graduation you will be placed into a full-time nurse position, earning an average of $55,000 per year.

Earn your nursing degree with us, DEBT FREE.

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About JCM

Jefferson City Manor has continued to make the care of residents and their families a priority. Jefferson City Manor delivers exceptional clinical services, by people who truly care, in an environment that promotes healing and wellness.

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